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2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave Red Carpet

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It's August 29th, and if you didn't know, top K-Pop stars will be rocking Incheon tonight for the 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave. The concert, which is being held at the Incheon World Cup Stadium, will see a list of top acts like BoA, Se7en, Taeyang, KARA, Supernova, Super Junior, 2PM, SNSD, SG Wannabe, SHINee, U-Kiss, CNBLUE, MBLAQ, BEAST, Son Dambi, and After School. The concert will be hosted once again by the team of Oh Sang Jin, plus Yuri and Tiffany from SNSD. The organizers expressed, "We hope to make this a long-term annual event, with top stars coming to Incheon and encouraging local and foreign fans to join us for the party. We want to make it be known as a representative K-pop music festival in Asia." There was a slight incident for Seungyeon of KARA after she stumbled and fell to the floor while walking away from the photo zone. We hope she's ok. Check out the pictures of those who walked the red carpet. [gallery columns=2] For those of you who can't be there for various reasons, fret not, for a watered down version of the entire concert extravaganza will be shown in place of Music Core on September 4th (TBC).


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