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U-Kiss members become actors for I Am Legend drama

July 27, 2010 @ 7:10 am
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Five of the seven talented members of popular boy idol group U-Kiss will be participating in a new SBS drama entitled I Am Legend. According to the drama's producer, the 5 members will be acting as a band with the name of Kiss Band who have been discovered by a manager named Kang Soo In (played by Jang Shin Young). The members who are participating in the musical drama and band are: Dongho (drums), Kiseop (bass), Kevin (guitar), Kibum (keyboard), and Soohyun (vocalist). Indie rock band Wiretap In My Ear were also invited to help teach the members more about rock and practicing acting in that sort of environment. The first episode will air on August 2nd and will act as the successor for SBS Coffee House.



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