MTV Wonder Girls Season 4 to show life in America and Malaysia

July 26, 2010 @ 9:37 am
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Having filmed three seasons before in the past few years, the Wonder Girls will be featured once again for the popular reality tv series, MTV Wonder Girls Season 4 There will be a total of just 5 episodes and the first episode will be aired through MTV Korea on the 29th. Season 4 will mainly focus on the Wonder Girls' activities in America and their upcoming World Stage Live in Malaysia performances. You will also be able to see the Wonder Girls moving around in their New York dorm, rehearsing in JYPE America practise rooms and their daily lifestyles. The footage for World Stage Live in Malaysia is especially significant since they will be the first Korean artist to be performing on that stage. 15,000 people are expected at World Stage Live in Malaysia and the 2 hours concert will also be shown to global viewers numbering 5.5 billion in 154 countries worldwide. Since Season 1 back in 2006, the MTV Wonder Girls reality series has charted the Wonder Girls from their debut to becoming globally-known stars. The show's producer expressed, "Season 4 will show fans a more mature side of the Wonder Girls and their understanding of music. It will be shown in a format of a music diary. We hope fans can look forward to it."

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