HyunA's sexy dance sparks netizens into a debate

July 25, 2010 @ 3:12 am
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4minute's HyunA was one of the guests for the recent episode of Quiz That Changes The World. During the show, HyunA showcased her infamous pelvic thrusting dance from her hit solo track, Change. MC Kim Gu Ra and a handful of the male guests all cheered:

"That's the dance" "It's what I wanted to see" "I'm having difficulty breathing right now"
After this episode aired, 'HyunA's pelvic thrust' quickly rose in the number of clicks on the search engine. However, netizens' reactions were cold:
"Even though this show may be an early morning program, it was a little bit too much for a minor like HyunA to showcase a sensual dance" "The way the male guests gazed at her dancing seems even more wrong" "It was a broadcast that used a minor to satisfy an adult's greed"
Several netizens stood on the opposite side of the spectrum and defended HyunA by stating:
"The generation has changed" "It's ok for her to dance like that on Music Bank, so why is it wrong for her to do that on Quiz That Changes The World" "Dance is just a dance"
What do you think? Starts at 2.35.

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