Netizens dig up f(x)'s Victoria past

June 21, 2010 @ 10:18 am
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f(x)'s leader Victoria is the latest to have her past dug up by the FBI-like netizens in Korea. She's known for her graceful dance skills and jaw-dropping flexibility. How did she attain these skills then? She had learned Chinese traditional dances for years. She attended a dance school in China, where she was born and lived. These captures are from a documentary of the famous Chinese star Zhang Ziyi. Zhang Ziyi had visited her old school and Victoria was caught on camera. Please just explain to me how netizens find this kind of stuff? She looks the same so it makes me think that her beauty is natural. SM Entertainment commented, "That is indeed Victoria. She was doing morning exercises with her friends." Netizens wrote,

"I thought maybe she got plastic surgery but she was beautiful since she was young." "Victoria was the best since she was little!" "She looks the same!"
She sure does.

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