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Goo Hye Sun has more dogs!

April 22, 2010 @ 8:29 am
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A couple days ago, Goo Hye Sun had shown off her pet rat chihuahua, Mandoo, through her mini-hompy. However, it turns out that Mandoo isn't Goo Hye Sun's only dog. Once again, through her mini-hompy, she revealed the rest of her dogs, along with their names. The names of her dogs are as followed: Kkong-chi (mackeral), Bab (rice), Jjang-ah-chi (pickles), Soon-dae (sausage), and Mandoo (dumpling). Guess our actress has a sense of humor, along with a love for food! In response to her dogs' names, netizens commented, "The dogs' names are really funny," and "She has a great sense of humor." So, I guess this concludes that Goo Hye Sun is a dog lover, which isn't surprising because most of the YG Family owns dogs. But wow, Goo Hye Sun has enough to form her own Big Bang with her food-named dogs!

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