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Nine Muses, a new 9-member girl group to debut this year

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Yet again, the netizens are curious of someone from a music video. This time, it's "the girl" from ZE:A's All Day MV! On the 25th, ZE:A's All Day MV was revealed. The MV showed the lives of high-schoolers as it was inspired by the classic movie, Friends. From the MV, netizens are curious of the identity of the tall beautiful girl, who seduced Joonyoung and Dongjoon! Regarding the netizens' curiosities, ZE:A's agency stated, "The girl from ZE:A's MV is a trainee from our ageny. Her name is Park Min Ha (20), and she is currently studying Film and Theater in Dongguk University. She will debut in the latter half of this year with a nine-member group named Nine Muses (나인뮤지스)" Nine Muses is a nine-member girl group from ZE:A's agency, Star Empire Entertainment. Other than Park Min Ha from ZE:A's MV, another girl from the group is Lee Hyun Joo, who won 2007's Super Model. Here is the rumored list of the rest of the members' profiles, excluding Park Min Ha. (Name, Year of Birth, Height)

Sun Sung Ah (1989, 173cm) Lee Hyun Joo (1987, 174cm) Kim Yuri (1984, 167cm) Jung Seo Young (1987, 175cm) Victoria (1988, 173cm) Han Soo Rin (1984, 174cm) Kang So Yeon (1988, 173cm) Ryu Sae Ra (1987, 170cm)
On March 23rd, the girls performed a celebration performance with Jewelry-S (Ha Joo Yeon and Kim Eun Jung) during a press conference of SBS's upcoming drama Prosecutor Princess. Check out some of the pictures of the members below. [gallery] It looks like most of the members are in their 20s. We'll have to wait and see if they have got what it takes.


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