2NE1 reveals girl power on the Discovery Channel

March 19, 2010 @ 6:15 pm
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In the past the Discovery Channel's Hip Korea focused on the males of Korea by doing documentaries on Rain / Bi and Lee Byung Hyun. Now the focus has shifted to the females as the Discovery Channel recently aired a Hip Korea documentary on Korea's superstar skater Kim Yuna. At the end of the documentary, the focus shifted from Kim Yuna and onto Korean Women adopting stronger personalities in modern Korean society. With the main example of this being heavily focused on YG Entertainment's group 2NE1. Old School YG Entertainment member Jinu Kim of Jinusean shared his insight on the subject and declared that 70% of 2NE1's fans are females. The whole segment was pretty cool, check it out below and thanks to Marianna for the tip!

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