Doojoon and Hyun Seung with BAST on Haddangsa

February 2, 2010 @ 1:04 am
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We reported earlier that BEAST leader Doojoon and fellow member Hyun Seung would be on MBC's Haddangsa to perform with a new parody group called BAST. Now a video with Doojoon and Hyun Seung cuts has been released! The video starts off with six men appearing on stage and dancing to the choreography of Mystery. They all wore outfits from BEAST's wardrobe and wore masks of various BEAST members' faces. Doojoon was the first to rip off his cutout mask, much to the delight of many ahjummas in the audience. Then Hyun Seung and the rest of the participants followed suit to reveal that they were just imposters as they engage in the hip twirling dance. The real hilarity of this video begins when Hyun Seung and Doojoon participate in a game involving a ping pong ball. For those of you who can't understand Korean, the basic premise of the game is simple: you try to deflect a ping pong with the belt given; once you succeed, you must try to impersonate the celebrity that comes up on the screen. Doojoon seemed to be winning but someone caught on that he was a fraud; thus, Doojoon ended up being punished by Hyun Seung. The end result? Two very sexy boys all nice and wet. Check it out for yourself! Thanks to lambch0ps for the tip.

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