2PM's Nichkhun visits family in Thailand!

February 15, 2010 @ 1:07 am
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As other idols celebrate Lunar New Year's (and Valentine's Day!) both at home and overseas, 2PM hottie Nichkhun continued his trip to Thailand and hung out with his family and fans for the day. Considering the fact that Nickhun is widely popular across Asia, it should be no surprise that his Let's Take a Break Phuket trip has been well-received by fans. On February 14, Nichkhun appeared with his father and older brother Nichan at a dinner party, giving fans a rare glimpse of the Thai prince with some of his family members. This was followed by a fun trip to the beach the next day, As many of you readers know, Nichan has made waves on the Thai entertainment scene with his recent acting debut with his appearances in Dream On and Want to Buy Time. Photos reveal a huge height difference, but the handsome features are definitely shared by both brothers. [gallery] Nichkhun's trip, which was set up by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, has a schedule full of national events, city tours and other activities that will allow Nichkhun to experience Thai culture. Nichkhun will also be filming a commercial, so stay tuned for the premiere of that CF!

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