Solbi had her picture taken... naked!

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No, this isn't a Vanessa Hudgens move nor is it in any way related to the pornography video with a Solbi look-a-like two months ago. On a recent episode of QTV's Determine Women's Ranks, singer Solbi shared a traumatic experience in which a fan took a picture of her while she was naked. In her story, Solbi shared, "I was at a public bath [which is an extremely common practice in Korea] exfoliating my body naked when an elementary school student took a picture of me and ran away. Luckily, I caught the kid right away and erased all the photos. However, ever since that incident, I haven't been to public bath." After sharing this disturbing experience, other female celebrities revealed their own horrifying experiences at a public bath. The well-rounded entertainer Hyun Young said, "While at a public bath, I was laying down exfoliating myself with my face to the wall. To my surprise, when I turned my body around, five ladies were standing over me and staring at me!" Sexy singer Chaeyeon also added, "Because I have a sexy image to uphold, going to a public bath is burdensome for me, much so that I haven't been to once in over eight years." And what traumatic experiences those are! During my visit to Korea, it was definitely awkward enough showering naked in front of other females (which is apparently mandatory before and after you go swimming there…and trust me, you'll be the one sticking out if you try to bathe with your swimming suit on!) but imagine someone attempting to take a picture of you while you're stark naked! Embarrassing! If you missed this episode, be sure to catch the reruns tonight (9th) at 11PM KST and tomorrow (10th) at 12PM KST.


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