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4minute's HyunA is a dirty girl

January 17, 2010 @ 2:50 am
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For all of those perverts who clicked on this looking for some sexy pictures of 4minute's HyunA, shame on you.On today's Star Golden Bell, her members chose HyunA as the dirtiest member - literally. Nobody's perfect. Someone as sexy as HyunA must have a flaw, right? Member Gayoon said, "HyunA goes to sleep without washing herself. She wakes up and washes herself really intensely. I think she realizes she's dirty at that time. Our manager always tells us our room has a weird smell when he comes in. We all wash ourselves and go to bed so we can only think of one person who causes the smell." HyunA defended herself, saying, "I don't think it's me. I hope it's not me." Who really cares though when you can dance like this? Doojoon of BEAST said, "Our dorm isn't very clean either, but the cleaning lady tells us we're cleaner than girls." To salvage her pride, HyunA brought down the maknae member of 4minute with her when she revealed, "Sohyun's height is 158cm." That's pretty short for a girl, so Sohyun was a little embarrassed. But come on, she's fifteen (sixteen in Korea), she has plenty of time to grow.

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